Just Got Married? Rent A Storage Unit To Help Your Spouse Move Into Your Home

13 May 2020
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When some couples get married, they may make plans to move in together into a different home than either of them currently live in. However, you may own a house that you intend on staying in and your spouse may be more than comfortable with moving in. This is a situation in which you will find it quite helpful to rent a storage unit so that you can store a number of things. Read More …

A Safe Storage Unit Is an Ideal Place for Excess Supplies Your Business Rarely Uses

5 May 2020
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If you need to rent a storage unit for boxes of old documents or excess inventory, you want to choose a facility that is safe so you don't have to worry about theft or other harm that could come to your business property. Here are some suggestions for choosing and using safe storage for business use. 1. Choose Indoor Storage You have a choice between indoor storage and outside storage units. Read More …

Need To Park Your RV? 3 Benefits Of Picking A Storage Space Over Your Driveway

27 April 2020
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After doing some traveling with your RV, you may decide that you want to keep it parked for several months until you are ready to use it again. One of the easiest places to park is the driveway on your property because it should not take much time, effort, or preparation to do. Figuring out a way to park your RV in the driveway while still making it easy to park in the garage and on the driveway may take a bit of work, but you can avoid this situation entirely. Read More …

How to Open up Space in Your Home Without Getting Rid of Stuff

26 March 2020
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If your home is beginning to feel too cluttered, you may be getting overwhelmed. Sometimes, you outgrow your home but aren't quite ready to move into a bigger home. The good news is you can open up space in your home without having to get rid of all of your stuff. This will make your daily life a lot more enjoyable. Keep reading to learn how to open up space in your home without getting rid of your belongings: Read More …

Tips For Sharing A Storage Unit With Another Person

24 March 2020
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Sharing a storage unit can help you lower storage costs. However, complications can arise if you don't take precautions before signing the storage lease. Below are some of the precautions that should help you. Pick Your Partner Wisely The first thing is to pick your storage partner wisely. Don't forget that the person you pick will have unlimited access to your valuables. You want an honest person who won't " Read More …