Just Got Married? Rent A Storage Unit To Help Your Spouse Move Into Your Home

Just Got Married? Rent A Storage Unit To Help Your Spouse Move Into Your Home

13 May 2020
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When some couples get married, they may make plans to move in together into a different home than either of them currently live in. However, you may own a house that you intend on staying in and your spouse may be more than comfortable with moving in. This is a situation in which you will find it quite helpful to rent a storage unit so that you can store a number of things.


In the master bedroom, your furniture and decorations may occupy all the space. However, you may want to clear out some space so that your spouse can bring in their own bedroom items. A storage unit should help a lot because you can store belongings temporarily or for the long-term.

Temporary storage is great for when you want to get everything that your spouse owns into the house so that you can organize it all together. Long-term storage works well when you have sentimental items that you are willing to put away, but do not want to get rid of entirely.

Renting a storage unit before your spouse moves in is worth doing because you can make sure the bedroom is at least cleared out partially when the move happens.


While the bedroom may be the most important room to focus on, you should not forget about the rest of the house. If your spouse has been living on their own for a while, they may have a decent-sized furniture collection and they may want to bring over their most important pieces.

Figuring out how large of a storage unit to rent might be a little tricky, but you should work closely with your spouse to determine what you will be putting into storage. As soon as you have a complete list of everything going in storage, you can determine the right size unit for your needs.


If you know that storage space is limited in your house, you should find out what your spouse wants to put into storage. For instance, they may have inherited items or seasonal equipment that they do not need to keep in the house that they are determined to keep in a safe place.

Learning about these items before choosing a storage unit will help you avoid a situation in which you need to rent a larger storage unit and transfer everything over.

When you have recently gotten married and your spouse is moving in, you will find that a storage unit can come in handy for quite a few reasons.

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