A Safe Storage Unit Is an Ideal Place for Excess Supplies Your Business Rarely Uses

A Safe Storage Unit Is an Ideal Place for Excess Supplies Your Business Rarely Uses

5 May 2020
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If you need to rent a storage unit for boxes of old documents or excess inventory, you want to choose a facility that is safe so you don't have to worry about theft or other harm that could come to your business property. Here are some suggestions for choosing and using safe storage for business use.

1. Choose Indoor Storage

You have a choice between indoor storage and outside storage units. Each has its advantages. If you want a unit where you can drive your van or truck right up to the door, then an outdoor unit would be more convenient. Outdoor units can often be accessed after hours and on weekends, so that's something to consider when choosing your storage facility.

However, if you'll only need to get in the unit during business hours, and you don't plan to do a lot of dropping off and lifting heavy items, then an indoor unit might be a more secure option. Indoor storage units are often locked down after hours and have personnel in the building during the day. The buildings have tight security and alarms so intruders won't go unnoticed if they try to break in.

2. Choose Climate Control

While theft is a concern when you put your business's property in storage, you also have to worry about damage due to excess humidity that can cause rust and damage to documents. You can prevent damage to your property by renting a climate-controlled unit that maintains the temperature and humidity in a range that is good for paper documents and inventory made of metal or fabric.

If you plan to store sensitive items, such as electronics, be sure to ask the facility about the temperature and humidity range of their units so you know your property will be safe over the long term.

3. Prepare Your Unit

It's best to be prepared for problems, so if a water leak or some other treat occurs, your property won't be damaged. Do this by placing cardboard boxes on shelves rather than the floor. You may also want to put insect traps in the unit or leave insecticide powder on the floor for protection against insect invasions. However, when you choose a facility that's well-kept and has climate control, you shouldn't have to worry about your property once it is in place and locked up securely.

A safe storage unit could be a great way to store documents, inventory, and business supplies you rarely use so you have more space in your building. A storage unit keeps things safe and out of the way, yet you can easily pick your supplies up when they're needed.