Traveling Long-Term? 3 Tips On Picking An Ideal Storage Unit Rental

Traveling Long-Term? 3 Tips On Picking An Ideal Storage Unit Rental

24 February 2021
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Once you decide that you are going to travel long-term, you need to figure out whether you are going to maintain a permanent residence. Staying in a rental or a home that you own keeps you from having to move out your items, but your expenses would add up over time. Moving out and renting a storage unit is a great alternative that can provide you with an excellent experience.

When you are familiar with all the details worth prioritizing, you can find a storage facility as well as a storage unit that will satisfy your needs while you are enjoying long-term travel.

Climate Control

While you may plan to get rid of some things to reduce your total number of possessions, you should do everything that you can to protect the items that you do put into storage. This makes climate control an important feature to get when you commit to a storage unit rental.

Without climate control, you may worry about your belongings that are susceptible to damage for a variety of reasons, such as extreme heat, cold, humidity, or dryness.

Going with this kind of storage unit will also prevent you from having to go through extra hoops to make sure that your delicate items are not going to suffer wear and tear or damage in storage. For instance, you can leave wood exposed, knowing that it will not crack or warp at any time.


Although climate control will give you peace of mind while traveling long-term, you should also consider the fact that extreme weather conditions can cause issues.

If you know that flooding or even a hurricane could bring in a storm surge that could lead to flooding inside a storage unit, you should prioritize getting a storage unit inside a building. Getting one on an upper floor may require a bit more work to put everything into storage, but you will feel a lot better knowing that your possessions are not susceptible to damage from a potential flood.


When planning to travel long-term, you may have an idea of how long you are going to be away from home. This makes it easy to search for long-term leases with storage facilities that can provide you with a lower monthly rate compared to renting on a month-to-month basis.

Renting a storage unit with these things in mind will lead to a better experience with long-term travel.