Choose A Gated Self-Storage Facility For The Best Security

Choose A Gated Self-Storage Facility For The Best Security

23 June 2020
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When you look for a storage facility for your furniture or excess belongings, you want a place that has the best security so you have peace of mind you and your things will be safe on the property. One important security feature to look for is a gated entrance. Here's how a gated self-storage facility works and how it keeps your belongings safer.

There Are Different Gate Options Available

Some gated facilities are more secure than others, so you may want to investigate the type of gate that's used. The facility might have a swing, slide, or pivot gate. There also might be a barrier arm used alone or with another type of gate. The barrier arm might be used during the day since it is the quickest type of gate, and then a more secure gate used after closing.

You'll want to understand how you can open the gate, especially if you need to get to your unit after business hours. The gate might be operated by a guard during the day, in which case you may not be able to open the gate after hours. The gate might also have a punch code that you can use to open the gate or lift the arm any time you want to gain access to the property.

A Gate Protects You And Your Property

A gate is usually combined with a fence around the property that keeps people off the grounds. Intruders won't be able to walk or drive onto the storage facility property, so the only people on the grounds are people who work there or who rent units. This keeps the units safer after dark when criminals or kids may try to open units or hang out between the buildings.

You'll feel safer going to the facility after dark if you know access to the grounds is restricted, and your belongings will be safer and at a lower risk of vandalism or theft. However, other security features are important too, such as a quality lock, good lighting, and video camera surveillance. You might even want your unit to be in an enclosed building that's locked down after hours for the utmost security.

When you choose a facility that has excellent security, you can have peace of mind your belongings will be safe even if you move to a different city and are far away. A self-storage unit comes in handy when you're moving between homes, and it's also handy to rent one as an extra storage room for organizing tools and seasonal belongings. However, to get the most use and enjoyment from your storage unit, you need to feel safe every time you visit, and one thing that helps is to make sure the facility is fenced and gated to keep out intruders.