Tips For Sharing A Storage Unit With Another Person

Tips For Sharing A Storage Unit With Another Person

24 March 2020
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Sharing a storage unit can help you lower storage costs. However, complications can arise if you don't take precautions before signing the storage lease. Below are some of the precautions that should help you.

Pick Your Partner Wisely

The first thing is to pick your storage partner wisely. Don't forget that the person you pick will have unlimited access to your valuables. You want an honest person who won't "help themselves" to your items. You don't want a careless person who will rummage through the unit and knock stacks of boxes to the ground. This is not the time to experiment with new friends. Share your storage unit with someone you know well.

Don't Store Expensive or Fragile Things

Your items face higher risks if you place them in a shared storage unit than if you are the only one in control of the unit. The risk of theft or damage increases with the number of people accessing the unit. As such, avoid sharing units where you have valuables or fragile items. You should be the only one who can access the storage unit where you have your rare books, family heirlooms, or expensive electronics.

Agree On Payments

Don't assume that you will share the storage fees equally with your storage partner. Agree on the payment plan before renting the unit. What if you assume an equal payment plan, but your partner wants to pay less because their items are inexpensive?

One of the best ways of sharing storage units is to share the costs in proportion to the space usage. For example, if you are only using a third of the space, then you should pay a third of the price.

Document Everything

Lastly, you should document everything about the storage arrangement. For example, you need your agreement in writing. Ensure the agreement contains how you plan to share the space and storage costs, who will deposit the rental check, and how long you want the arrangement to go on, among other things.

Each of you should also create separate inventories for your items. Separate inventories mean one of you cannot claim something is missing from the storage unit if they didn't keep it there in the first place.

Don't forget that the storage facility will only recognize the person whose name is on the lease. Therefore, you should confirm everything before sharing a storage unit with someone if your name will be on the lease.

To learn more, contact a self-storage facility near you.