3 Different Types Of Boat Storage Options

3 Different Types Of Boat Storage Options

19 March 2020
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When you are not using your boat, you don't want your boat to sit around in an unsafe location collecting dust and getting damaged. You want to store your boat somewhere where it will be safe and will not get damaged. As far as boat storage, you have a few different options that are available to you.

Option #1: Your Garage

If you have a garage, and a boat that is small enough to fit inside of your garage, that is a free storage option you can utilize when you are not using your boat. Your boat will be easy to access and easy for you to take care of. When you store your boat inside of your garage, your boat will be protected from thieves and vandals.

However, if you store your boat inside of your garage, that means more than likely you are not going to have anywhere to store your vehicles. No indoor place to park your vehicles means you will have to spend more time clearing snow and warming up your vehicle.

Also, your garage may not protect your boat against pests and rodents as much as you think it will.

Option #2: Dry-Stacked Storage

A dry-stacked storage facility is built specifically to store boats. Dry-stacked storage facilities have a warehouse-like look to them. Boats are lifted on forklifts and stored on very large shelves. Your boat is inside of a facility where the temperature is specifically controlled in order to protect all the boats stored inside.

With a dry-stacked storage facility, your boat will be protected against natural elements. The storage facility will have robust security measures to protect your boat and keep it safe. Dry stacked storage is generally a pretty affordable storage option.

With dry-stacked storage, you will need to request your boat ahead of time when you want it taken down from the storage racks.

Option #3: Outdoor Covered Storage

Another option is to park your boat inside of an outdoor coverage storage facility. These facilities are generally fenced in and have advanced security measures in place, so even though your boat is technically outside, it should be protected against thieves.

Outdoor covered storage is a cost-effective option that will keep your boat safe and keep your boat from taking up space in your driveway.

When it comes to keeping your boat safe when you are not using it, you need a reliable storage option. If you don't have a garage to use, look into a dry-stacked storage facility or outdoor covered storage at a storage unit to keep your boat protected.

For more information on all storage options for your boat, contact a boat storage facility in your area today.