Want To Rent A Storage Unit? 3 Tips To Avoid Moisture Problems

Want To Rent A Storage Unit? 3 Tips To Avoid Moisture Problems

16 March 2020
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Whether you are living in a rental or your own home, you may recognize that you have become limited on storage space. A permanent solution is to move out of your rental or work on the home that you own to add more storage capacity, but you may be more interested in an immediate and temporary solution. Renting a storage unit is an excellent option because you can pick one out right away, but you may be a little worried about dealing with moisture problems.

Learning about all the ways that you can prevent this problem from happening will help you look forward to the experience of renting storage from a nearby facility.

Washable Belongings

When you are deciding on what to put into storage, you may end up with a list of bedding, blankets, furniture covers, and clothing. Washing all these pieces may be something that you want to do to avoid a situation in which you put anything dirty into long-term storage. This means that you may run everything through the washer and dryer before packing the pieces up.

To prevent moisture damage, you want to make sure that you give every item that you wash plenty of time to dry since attempting to store anything damp will cause moisture problems.

Climate Control

An excellent way to reduce the chance of moisture damage for your stored items is by prioritizing a climate-controlled storage unit over your other options. This kind of unit is great when you live somewhere that gets quite humid at certain times throughout the year. Instead of this increased humidity spreading to the storage unit and putting your belongings at risk, you can rely on your climate-controlled unit to be kept at a certain humidity level throughout all four seasons.

Plastic Pallets

If you are interested in taking all the available precautions to minimize the chance of moisture damage for your items, you should pick up several plastic pallets. This is especially important if you intend on renting an outdoor storage unit since it will come with the chance of flooding.

All it takes is a bit of water from a heavy rainstorm getting into the storage unit and onto one of the boxes or your items to start the process of mildew growth.

If you want to avoid moisture issues with your belongings, you should keep these details in mind when renting a unit from a local storage facility.