4 Tips For Organize A Storage Unit You Use Frequently

4 Tips For Organize A Storage Unit You Use Frequently

13 March 2020
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Some people rent a self storage unit and have the "forget about it" attitude about their storage units, using it as a place to put items that they don't need to access on a regular basis. Other people use storage units as a more active storage location, changing out what is stored in the unit and accessing the unit on a regular basis.

If you plan on renting a storage unit and swapping out what you have stored inside of the storage unit on a regular basis, you need a plan for arranging the storage unit, so it is easy for you to grab items from the storage unit.

Rent a Larger Unit

If you plan on pulling things in and out of the storage unit on a regular basis, you want to have more than the minimum amount of room necessary to store the items. You need room so you can easily move the boxes around and arrange the items for easy access. Renting a larger storage unit will allow you to turn the storage unit into a functional storage room instead of an oversized closet that you shove all your items item.

Install a Shelving Unit

Customize your storage unit to fit your needs. You don't need to stack all the boxes on top of one another, which can make it difficult to pull out the box you need and to add new boxes to the storage unit.

That is why adding shelving to your storage unit can make it much easier to organize your boxes and pull out the right boxes. Depending on the storage unit, you can install the shelving on the walls, or you can put up some free-standing wire shelving.

Stick to One Size of Box

Next, try to stick to one size of box for your unit. Using the same size boxes will make it easier for you to arrange your storage boxes and to stack them up. Stacking up different sized boxes requires more juggling and planning. Using the same size boxes require less planning on how to arrange the boxes.

If you use any large boxes, you are going to want to put them on your shelves. Large boxes are generally not stable enough to have other boxes stacked upon them.

Clearly Label Everything

With a storage unit you plan on using on a regular basis, clear labels are essential. You should put a general label on every box, such as clothing or toddler toys or holiday decorations. You can even use a color-coded system so you can easily identify all the boxes with clothing items or all the items with decorations in them.

After that, place a detailed listing of what is contained on each box on either the side of the box or on the top of the box. A detailed list will help you choose the right box when swapping things in and out of the box.

If you plan on using your storage unit on a regular basis, go for a large unit that will provide you with space to move around. Stick to one size box to make it easier to move items around. Use shelving to make it easier to grab boxes. Clearly label all boxes, so you grab the right one. These tips will help make your storage unit easier to use on a regular basis.