Renting A Storage Unit? 4 Tips For Preserving Your Belongings

Renting A Storage Unit? 4 Tips For Preserving Your Belongings

10 March 2020
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Storing items inside your house is something that you may find easy because you can use the garage, attic, and closets without any trouble. Also, since you are living where you are storing these belongings, you will always be able to keep an eye on them and know they are safe.

If you want to rent a storage unit to increase your storage capacity, you may be a little more concerned about your items since you will not be around to check on their condition at all times. This makes it worth following a few tips on preserving your belongings in the best way possible.

Airtight Containers

While you may not find it viable for all your items, you should not hesitate to pick up airtight containers that keep dirt and grime from entering for some of your things. For instance, you will find this to be worth doing for jewelry, important documents, or small decorations as almost any airtight container will be able to provide excellent protection for these particular possessions.

Furniture Covers

When you know that you are interested in storing some furniture, you should not hesitate to pick up furniture covers for all these pieces. Preparing each furniture piece by covering it in plastic will prevent dirt, grime, and moisture from causing damage to these items. The only thing that you will need to worry about is puncture damage because it can pierce through the covers.

Fortunately, all you need to do is take your time with loading the furniture and putting each piece into storage to avoid bumping into any furniture that is already covered in plastic.

Plastic Pallets

Going through the process of picking up plastic pallets to line your storage unit with may seem like a major undertaking, but it will make a huge difference regarding protection. If a minor or major flood happens to the point where water gets inside the storage unit, you will feel a lot better knowing that everything inside is several inches off the floor because of plastic pallets.

Vacuum Seal Bags

After protecting the furniture and small items, you may notice that you still have bedding and clothing that you want to secure before putting into storage. Picking up vacuum seal bags is a great move because you will be able to reduce how much space these items take up. Another perk that comes with using these bags is getting excellent protection for everything inside.

Using these tips will help you succeed in protecting all your items inside storage.

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