Share A Storage Unit With Your Boyfriend

Share A Storage Unit With Your Boyfriend

13 February 2020
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Are you and your boyfriend going to be sharing a rental storage unit to temporarily keep personal effects and household goods that will eventually be moved into your new residence? If so, decide upon a unit type and designate one half of the space for each of your items. In addition, use a variety of packing supplies and labels to keep all of the items organized.

Acquire A Unit And Pack And Store Items

Each person should be responsible for their own items, to minimize confusion when it comes time to transport everything to a storage facility. Before packing your items, assess what you own. Your boyfriend can do the same. This will help the two of you determine how large of a storage unit you will need. Although you will not be able to move every last item that you own into a storage unit, you can get a head start on packing up your current residence and getting everything ready for the move to the home that the two of you will be sharing.

You may run across some items that you have misplaced or you may realize that some of the possessions that you currently own will not be needed at your new residence. Condensing what you own is a smart thing to do if the new residence isn't going to be very large. Use cartons, paper, packing peanuts, and wide strips of tape to prepare all of your items. On moving day, use a flatbed or a truck to transport the cartons to the storage unit.

Meet your boyfriend at a designated time. Move heavy items into the back of the unit and place lighter items or items that are not packed inside of standard cartons, to the front of the unit. Only place your possessions in one half of the unit. Allow your boyfriend to set his half of the unit up in the manner that he prefers.

Decide Upon Future Purchases Together

Since you and your partner will be living together in the near future, the two of you may agree upon some items that would make your new home comfortable and welcoming. If you both would like to purchase new furnishings, decor, or other items that can be placed in the home that you will be sharing, decide which items to purchase.

Use packing supplies to secure smaller items, prior to placing them inside of the storage unit. Label the outside of each carton. Place each carton on either side of the storage unit, since you both will have ownership of the new additions.