How To Know When To Use Plastic Or Cardboard For Your Storage Needs

How To Know When To Use Plastic Or Cardboard For Your Storage Needs

19 March 2020
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When you rent a storage unit, you are going to need to pack up all your belongings before you put your items into storage. When you pack your belongings, you will have to decide if you want to use cardboard boxes or plastic storage bins for your items. Both packing options present benefits and drawbacks and are appropriate for different types of goods.

Plastic Storage Bins

There are times when it makes sense to use plastic, and when it comes to storing your goods, plastic is a great choice. Plastic storage bins are made from thick, hard plastic that is designed for durability and long-term usage.

One of the great things about plastic storage bins is you can reuse them again and again without them getting worn out. You can get a lot of mileage out of plastic storage bins.

Additionally, plastic storage bins are waterproof, so even if water gets into your storage unit, your plastic storage bins will protect your belongings against the water.

Plastic storage bins are easy to stack on top of one another inside of your storage unit, especially if you purchase the same size and type of storage bins. If you go with clear bins, you can also easily see what is inside without having to refer to a list you scrawled on the side of the box.

When it comes to what to pack in plastic storage bins, items such as blankets, clothing, pillows, and stuffed animals that will easily conform to the shape of the storage bin.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are easy and affordable to pick up. Cardboard boxes are space-efficient, as you can collapse them down when you are not using them.

One of the biggest advantages of cardboard boxes is that they come in many different sizes. Regular cardboard boxes come in small, medium, and large sizes.

Additionally, cardboard boxes come in a variety of customizable shapes and sizes for special moving needs. For example, you can purchase special boxes that are designed for wine glasses, bowls, plates, and mirrors. Cardboard boxes are great for moving specially shaped items.

The biggest downside of cardboard boxes is that they eventually break down. They are great for moving or short-term storage but are generally not the best for long-term storage needs. If you use the boxes for long-term storage needs, make sure you are purchasing brand new cardboard boxes, and you keep the cardboard boxes off the floor, so they don't encounter any damaging moisture.

When it comes to packing up items for storage, cardboard works well for specialized items and for short term storage needs. Plastic storage containers work best for long-term storage needs. 

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